About NIT Alumni

The NIT Alumni organization is formed as an umbrella organization, covering alumni of all National Institutes of Technology. NIT Alumni is an endeavor to congregate and unify the alumni of all the NIT's and to bring about collective ideas of the NIT Alumni to a common stage.
The NIT movement took root in 2010. First NIT chapter was started in March 2010 in USA followed by NIT Middle East chapter in 2011. NIT USA chapter organized more than 40 monthly events and invited more than 350 executives since its inception. NIT Middle east chapter organized highly successful events: NIT MOMENTS 2011 in Dubai (April 2011) and TECHFEST 2011 in Abu Dhabi (September 2011).

Aims and Objectives

The NIT Alumni organization's goal is to facilitate and promote academic and professional excellence of the alma mater of National Institutes of Technology through national and international cooperation and collaboration amongst its members.
The specific objectives:

  • To foster cooperation and broad based understanding amongst the alumni members on both academic matters and professional activities
  • Promote the NIT Brand
  • Extend academic and professional support to the NITians and their families
  • Encourage recreational, cultural, educational and welfare activities amongst members in their local communities
  • Identify and contribute to the development of learning resources of various NITs