Founder's Message

The National Institutes of Technology (NITs) are a group of thirty premier public engineering institutes  located one in each major state/territory of India. Initially NITs were called Regional Engineering Colleges (RECs) and the funding was equally split between federal and respective state governments. As part of promoting regional and cultural diversity, 50% of the students admitted were from their respective state and the remaining 50% were from remaining states of India and other countries. A parliamentary legislation in 2002 brought them under the direct purview of India's federal government. NITs offer degree courses at bachelors, masters and doctorate levels in various branches of engineering, science and management.

We all have fond memories of our stay at NIT and recall NIT days as one of the best experiences of our lives. Students from all over India and neighboring countries co-existed under one roof sharing their cultures and values. The camaraderie developed during those 4 to 5 years is so strong that even after decades when we meet a fellow NITian, an instant bond is developed. It is this special bond that resulted in the formation of the NIT Alumni organization in early 2010! Over 300,000 NIT Alumni are spread across the globe. Majority of the NIT Alumni are based in India. Over 35,000 NIT Alumni are based in the USA, 4000+ in Europe, 2000+ in Middle East, 2000+ in Australia and 2000+ in Singapore.

NIT Alumni based in USA have organized 40+ monthly network events since 2010. Over 350 executives (CXO, VP, Directors) working in the fortune 500 companies and various strat-ups addressed NIT Alumni. This has resulted in creating strong NIT Brand among global companies. Some of our network events were covered by Media (TV, magazines as well as Newspapers). Apart from organizing monthly events in Silicon Valley, we also organized events and established local chapters in Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, Miami and Denver. NIT video channel has 100+ videos and high viewership. NIT middle East Chapter was started in 2011 and organized highly successful events : NIT MOMENTS 2011 in Dubai (April 2011) and TECHFEST 2011 in Abu Dhabi (September 2011).

Sharing the vision of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to establish India as a global leader in Science & Technology, the NIT Alumni aims to promote the NIT Brand across the globe and bring the alumni and their families into a close knit group by networking, assisting in professional growth, sharing knowledge & skills and community welfare activities. 

With an enthusiastic leadership team and strong NIT brand across the globe, our NIT Alumni organization will see much greater heights in the years to come.

Warm regards!

Sridhar Muppalla, NIT Warangal 1993
Founder & NIT Brand Ambassador

Pradeep Chalicheemala
Co-founder & Chief Event Organizer